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My youngest brother has autism. You know, it really sucks getting home from school and your mom telling you some kids tried starting fights with my brother. It sucks going to your brother’s graduation and when the teacher calls his name, hardly any of his peers cheered for him. It sucks seeing your brother cry because he’s afraid of dancing with the other kids. It breaks my heart seeing kids avoid, neglect, seclude, and ignore him. My brother got a bike, he started getting sad because he didn’t know how to ride it. He wanted to give up. I wouldn’t let him. I taught him how to ride that bike. It took a while, I got frustrated constantly, but I showed him. The look on his face when he learned how to ride that bike brought tears to my eyes. He was so happy.

Makes me want to cry.

I have two brothers. One of my brothers is 13 and the other is 11.
My eleven year brother was diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, and a speech impediment.
Yesterday, my eleven year old brother, named Lorenz, graduated from elementary school.
Gosh, I was so proud.
When my brother was younger, people said he was never going to be able to learn at a regular pace like the other children, and some people even said he was never going to talk, but he overcame all these obstacles. My brother graduated with his 5th grade class. As he walked across the stage, I couldn’t help but to get a bit teary. I was so proud and happy for him.
After his graduation, the 5th graders had a dance. I attended the dance, because my mom works for the elementary school and I went to help out. I was selling drinks to the kids, then I decided to observe my brother. This was when my heart broke.
I realized that the other kids avoided my brother. They ignored him. They treated him differently. My brother even began crying, because he couldn’t dance with the other children. He was scared to dance with them.
I couldn’t take it.
I begin to think about everything as a whole. This entire situation rages me. IT’S NOT FAIR. My brother is so handsome, amazing, kind, sweet, a blessing, it’s just not fair!  My brother did nothing wrong to deserve this. I hate that he can’t be like the other children. I hate that they make him an outcast and seclude him. I can’t help but to cry in despair. I love my brothers with all my heart. If I could I would give up everything just so my brother wouldn’t have all these disabilities, I would. I would give my life for him, anything.
He deserves better. From now on, I will do anything in my power to help him when he’s having trouble. I will always be by his side.